We don't produce water, we distribute nature

Agua a domicilio

Your water delivered to your door, with the same quality as always

To finally deliver our water to your door. Under that premise, we write a new chapter in the history of Fuentes de Lebanza.

A history that began in 2008, when we started to sell this superb quality mineral water, which emerges in the most remote, inaccessible corner of the mountains of Palencia.

Top hotel and catering businesses, shops and supermarkets have trusted the purity of Fuentes de Lebanza for over a decade. Now you can not only buy it in these establishments. You can also enjoy it without leaving home, by ordering our water online, delivered to your door or directly to your workplace.

Why choose our mineral water to be delivered to your door?

With our home-delivery service for water you will be sure to have your and your family’s needs covered at all times. 60% of our body is water: it is present in our bones, muscles, blood… Human beings are basically water. That’s why it’s important that the brand you drink daily meets the highest standards of purity and quality.

Fuentes de Lebanza is a pure alkaline water that rises in the heart of the mountains of Palencia. Because of its natural balance of minerals, it is suitable for people of any age and physical condition.


Alkaline pH

Its alkaline nature helps prevent disease

Low sodium concentration

Ideal for people with hypertension or heart problems

Weak mineralization

Suitable for all types of diets and baby foods

Rich in calcium and essential bicarbonates

Contributes to better health with its richness in minerals

Antioxidant power

Maximum purity to take care of you inside and out

Delivering water to your home in sustainable formats

We care about looking after you and the planet. That is why we have created a sustainable, environmentally friendly format for water to be delivered to your door: our bag-in-box packaging.

It is a recyclable cardboard box with a folding bag inside, which can be easily disposed of after use. This format keeps all the properties of our mineral water intact, from the time it leaves our factory until it reaches your home. It also has an airtight dispenser that allows controlled, very convenient pouring for the whole family.

Your trust, our best guarantee

Supermarkets and shops all over the world already trust Fuentes de Lebanza to offer their customers the best quality. We also distribute to establishments in the HORECA channel, in formats designed especially for the hotel and catering industry. Our brand is a guarantee of quality in your business.

The best natural mineral water delivered to your door

Fuentes de Lebanza is a natural mineral water, which means that its composition depends only on natural factors: the minerals present in the rocks that come into contact with it, the time that this contact lasts and the temperature of the environment. This is why it is a water that has a highly balanced composition.

It emerges in the mountains of Palencia, in a natural enclave that gives us a perfect balance of minerals that are beneficial to health. In addition, this absence of human impact in its place of origin results in maximum purity; a quality that is noticeable inside and out, in its fine taste and bright appearance.

Environmentally friendly

Our home delivery water formats are sustainable and have a minimal impact on the environment. Fuentes de Lebanza bag in box format is a revolutionary alternative among mineral water brands. In addition to being respectful with the planet, it ensures optimum conservation of the content, protecting it from ultraviolet radiation and oxidation and preserving the water’s integrity, quality and taste.

Water delivered to your door within 24/48 hours

If you buy your home-delivered water through our online store, you will receive it in your home or at your company in a maximum of two working days. Our delivery and distribution system is so fast and efficient that you won’t have to worry about anything else. You just place your order and we’ll take it to you wherever you are.