Bag in box: water in a cardboard box to look after the planet

An innovative and environmentally friendly packaging: water in cardboard box in Bag in Box format, available in 10 litre (currently with 1 litre as a gift) and 20 litre formats. This is a revolutionary format in the world of water: a bag with a dispenser tap in a box measuring 20 x 20 x 30 cm.

This new packaging from Fuentes de Lebanza has meant a revolution in the mineral water sector in Spain and in some European countries, both due its convenience for users and for respecting the environment. Unlike traditional bricks, which are made from a material that incorporates cardboard and plastic, our bag in box includes these two materials separately, making it much easier to recycle and causing less impact on the environment.

What does our bag in box package look like?

Technology has allowed us to combine polymers to create a completely watertight, flexible bag, which guarantees the purity and perfect conservation of the water. It is solely composed of 60g high and low density polyethylene, which ensures a package that is almost as inert as glass.

The water is packaged in it under sterile vacuum conditions to keep its properties intact to the last drop. Both during the packaging process and during use, there is zero entry of ambient air into the bag and this therefore prevents the entry of bacteria from outside, with the contamination that this would entail.

The water bag comes inside a cardboard box, a recyclable material with a very short decomposition time, which is why the bag in box is our great commitment on the road to sustainability and caring for the planet. Nordic countries, which are leaders in environmental awareness, are strong supporters of this format.

Advantages of the Bag in Box water format

More hygienic

Once opened, there is no contact of the water with the ambient air.

It is not necessary to handle the packaging whilst it is used.

It prevents the growth of bacteria.


It is not possible to insert objects into it.

Avoids exposure to sunlight.

Very difficult to fill up. 

More practical

Easy to handle and transport.

Very convenient to use thanks to its dispenser tap.

It can be kept in the fridge.

Stackable up to 5 heights (66 litres in the space of a 20×20 tile, something that is impossible with carafes, which are not stackable in height).

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Made from recyclable cardboard. Reduces the use of plastic by 70%.

Very easy to recycle.

Reduction of the CO2 footprint.

More cost-effective and convenient for the distributor

It takes up less space in the delivery vehicle and in the warehouse.

Reduces the number of delivery trips for equal volume of carafes.

Protected from sunlight and temperature changes.

It significantly minimizes logistics costs.

Ideal for small shops that do not have much space on their shelves.

A more profitable mineral water format for your business

Water in a cardboard box or Bag in Box is a format that increases profitability in commercial establishments, due to its yield per linear metre. It occupies the same space as a 5-litre carafe, but contains 11 litres, which increases profitability by 256%. It is also stackable up to 5 heights, so the use of space is greater in both supermarkets and in the home itself.