Mineral water: properties and composition

We say that human beings are water because 60% of our bodies are made up of this element. The composition and properties of natural mineral water differentiate it from other types of water, giving it the status of food. It is the purest and most natural food with which we can nourish our body, the only food product that does not undergo any type of thermal or chemical modification throughout its production process.

The water that emerges from the heart of the mountain

The unbeatable composition of Fuentes de Lebanza mineral water is due to its place of origin, right in the heart of the mountains of Palencia.

Water of a balanced, vital and pure nature is produced at an altitude of 1,200 m, in the snowfields of the Lebanza Valley, without pollutants that are harmful to the body and with a balance of minerals that make it perfect for health. This natural environment is classified as a bear reserve, a habitat for brown bears, one of the greatest indicators of its purity. Free from pollution and human action, only in such a virgin corner could such a water emerge.

Fuentes de Lebanza is perfect for anyone, regardless of age or type of diet. Even babies, pregnant women and the elderly will find an ideal source of health and nutrition for everyday life in the properties of our mineral water.
It is alkaline and very low in sodium, so it is recommended to prevent and treat high blood pressure, diabetes and fluid retention, as well as osteoporosis and other kidney, brain or digestive diseases.

Composition of our mineral water

Chemical composition (mg/L)


  • Dry residue 180º – 106
  • Bicarbonates (HCO3) – 104,9
  • Sulfates (SO₄²-) – 4,9
  • Chlorides (Cl-) – 3,8
  • Calcium (Ca2+) – 36,3
  • Magnesium (Mg2+) – 1,4
  • Sodium (Na+) – 1,0
  • Silica (SiO2) – 3,63
  • pH – 7,5

Analizagua, Natural Resources Laboratory S.L. (2019)

Why Fuentes de Lebanza?


Alkaline pH

The pH of Fuentes de Lebanza (7.5) is an indicator of its alkaline nature and health benefits. This alkalinity value is similar to the pH value of our blood. Studies have shown that diseases like cancer thrive best in acidic environments, so alkalinity is an extremely important health factor.

RedOx potential

Our mineral water has a negative RedOx potential, which promotes an antioxidant effect that favours the reduction of inflammations and can accelerate healing processes, providing vital energy.

Sodium-potassium pump

The properties of Fuentes de Lebanza mineral water and its balanced formula contribute to correcting cellular hydration, as well as to an adequate evacuation of the residues and waste produced by cellular metabolism, favouring the body’s integral health.