The best water for your restaurant

Fuentes de Lebanza is available in water formats for restaurants, cafeterias and other businesses in the HORECA channel. Your customers will remember you fondly with 100% pure, sustainable water, which comes directly from the heart of the mountains of Palencia to your hotel or catering business.

Our restaurant water bottles

As a result of our constant improvements in bottling processes, we have created a mineral water bottle format for restaurants and the HORECA channel. A 1 litre container with an elegant design that will bring class and distinction to your business.
It is made of a special type of blue PET that imitates glass and will look amazing on your tables.

Moreover, the distinguished taste and purity of Fuentes de Lebanza remains intact in this water format for restaurants; a natural mineral water of superior quality that will become the perfect accompaniment for your best dishes.

Advantages of choosing our water for your catering business

Sustainable restaurants

More and more people value sustainability as a priority when choosing a restaurant. Give your customers what they are looking for with Fuentes de Lebanza, the sustainable water that emerges from nature and respects it throughout the whole cycle, from the moment it emerges from the mountain until it reaches your table.

Purity and taste

The tasting of Fuentes de Lebanza is excellent. Its smell, taste and appearance have led us to receive several international awards, including First Prize at the International TERMATALIA 2010 Fair. Due to its low mineralization and low sodium concentration, it is also the healthiest option for people of any age and physical condition. Transparent, bright, light, fresh… All these attributes make it very pleasant for the palate, even at room temperature.

Bottles that are always perfect

Take care of all the details; they make all the difference. Fuentes de Lebanza bottles for the HORECA channel are always in perfect condition. Its material resembles glass but is much more resistant to shocks, scratches and scuffs. This way you will avoid that worn out effect that can often be seen in glass bottles and that gives a scruffy look to your tables.

Stock always ready

With Fuentes de Lebanza you won’t have to worry about running out of water in your restaurant. Our network of distributors is characterised by its flexibility, both in formats and availability, and allows us to ensure a fast, efficient delivery. We have regulation warehouses to facilitate the flow of water between the packaging machine and our customers, always respecting delivery times so that you can devote yourself to the most important thing: your business.

Safety assurance

We professionally accompany the water from its origin so that it reaches your restaurant in perfect condition, both in quality and presence. To guarantee this safety, we select the best packaging materials and rely on the best distributors.