Environmentally-friendly water bottles for a better world

At Fuentes de Lebanza we work with an increasingly scarce resource, natural mineral water that nature gives us. Without nature we would be nothing, that’s why we are always exploring new sustainable practices aimed at taking care of the environment. Our latest proposal is to create an alternative format to environmentally-friendly water bottles, which significantly reduces pollution: the Bag in Box pack.

Sustainable mineral water and renewable energy

Our plant is located in an enclave surrounded by nature, in the heart of the Montaña Palentina Natural Park. The biodiversity of flora and fauna in this area, classified as a brown bear reserve, is the best indicator of the life and purity of the ecosystem. A purity that is transferred to the properties of our mineral water.

The energy we work with in our packaging plant is 100% renewable, causing the least impact on the environment around us. In this way we contribute our grain of sand (or our drop of water) to the fight against climate change.

We seek to produce alternatives to ecological water bottles, complying with all the guidelines set by our partner Ecoembes in our processes. This non-profit environmental organisation advises us on how to make an environmentally-friendly water bottle that can be recycled and have a second life regardless of the material (plastic, glass, cardboard or paper) in which it is made.

Eco-friendly packaging, for you and the planet

Following our commitment to sustainability and environmental care, we have developed a solution for home water distribution in eco-friendly packaging.

Bag in box is a pioneering water in cardboard box system. It is an innovative format in the sector, which consists of a cardboard box with a folding bag inside, solely made from 60g high and low density polyethylene. This bag guarantees a container that is almost as inert as glass, keeps the purity and properties of the water it contains intact and can be easily removed and recycled after use.

The packaging has an easy eco-friendly water dispenser that prevents air from entering the bag and preserves the vacuum conditions in which it is packed. In turn, this system ensures maximum convenience and allows greater control when serving water, as it helps us not waste a single drop.