Water dispensers for companies

With Fuentes de Lebanza you are assured the best water service for companies. Your workers deserve quality water and now we take it wherever you ask us to, in sustainable, recyclable and convenient dispensers for everyday use.

The purity of the natural Fuentes de Lebanza mineral water comes to your office or workplace, in a large scale format that will save you on costs and space… and you will gain in health.

A new mineral water format for your company

We have developed an innovative water dispenser format for companies, based on replacing traditional drums with a cardboard box with an internal bag or bag in box, whose impact on the environment is minimal. A package available in 10 litre format (now with 1 litre free) or 20 litres; easily recyclable and very convenient to use.

Advantages of our water in your office

Saves money and space

Our boxes with dispenser can be stacked vertically up to 5 heights, thus optimizing the space they occupy in your office. We commit to large formats of water for companies and now, in addition, we give you one litre free if you order your 10-litre container.

Convenient and efficient

Fuentes de Lebanza dispensers do not require any installation. The dispenser is integrated in the box itself, which allows you to regulate the water flow so that not a drop is wasted. They are very convenient to use, something that all your workers will certainly appreciate.


The mineral water that you will receive in your company is the same that you find in supermarkets and commercial establishments, with all the purity and quality of Fuentes de Lebanza guaranteed. A sustainable mineral water, obtained and bottled using only renewable energies. This, added to our eco-friendly dispenser format, is perfect for responsible companies committed to environmental care.